Our pledge to you is to assist in any way we can to resolve your claim fairly and promptly.

When you experience a loss, the first step is to make sure you and your family are safe. Click on the below tabs for more information on what to do based on the type of loss you have.

Obtain a police report, make a list of items stolen (if items purchased within the last year, have receipt available to adjuster). Take pictures of and assign values to personal property (contents) before a loss occurs to help maintain accurate records.

Depending on the extent of this loss if may be necessary to call a restoration company before the adjuster can inspect.  If so, only allow mitigation (water cleanup/dryout) to begin.  Before any tear out begins, please allow the adjuster to conduct an inspection.  Additional services beyond the scope of the damage, may result in your paying out of pocket.

If your roof is leaking – get a tarp and cover the damaged area – items purchased to protect your property are reimbursable and will be included in the loss settlement.

Hail storms do not always cause functional damage.  There are a couple of ways to see if your roof could have damage:  dents in A/C cover, dents in gutters, damage to vinyl siding or garage doors.  If you think you have hail damage – call your agent or complete a claim form online and submit directly to FMIC promptly.

Contact your agent as quickly as possible or complete a claim form online and submit directly to FMIC.

In the event of an accident occurring on your property – contact your agent or complete a claim form online and submit directly to FMIC. and get this incident on record.  If the claimant’s insurance company or an attorney contacts you, please do not give a statement to them – advise them to contact your insurance company.  If you receive any paperwork, please send into the company as soon as possible.  In some cases, time is a factor for response.

  • Promptly Report the claim
  • Protect your Property from Further Damage
  • Take photos of the damage as soon as possible
  • Obtain an estimate before signing any agreement with a contractor or restoration company
  • Do not throw away any item damaged until First Mutual can document your loss

First Mutual ‘s policy on reporting claims is very liberal and allows six (6) months after the date of the loss to comply with prompt reporting requirements.  Without prompt reporting any damages which may have occurred may be exacerbated by additional weather conditions and could further jeopardize coverage due to the insured not protecting the property from further exposure.