614 E. Market Street
Smithfield, NC 27577
(919) 934-6111

Company Profile

First Mutual Insurance Company is a North Carolina domiciled mutual insurance company and operates in North Carolina, Tennessee, and South Carolina. The company began doing business in 1961 and has gradually increased in lines of insurance offered, premium writings and assets. Premiums received in excess of claim payments and expenses are added to surplus for the protection of policyholders and to lower premiums.

First Mutual Insurance Company does business through independent agents to provide its policyholders with professional and personal insurance service. The Company specializes in property insurance at low cost, offering coverage for homes (Homeowners, Farmowners, and Dwelling Fire), Hog & Poultry houses, and equipment for both personal and business use. First Mutual Insurance Company is rated "A'" (Unsurpassed) by Demotech, Inc. and has the financial backing of several "A" level rated reinsurance companies.